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LiquidAlpha & AlphaNova (ANVA) Token

Whitepaper V1.0

LiquidAlpha innovatively bridges the traditional finance sector with the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency landscape. This venture enables users, and especially our community members known as Alphanauts, to utilize their Bitcoin and Ethereum holdings more effectively. Through our service, these cryptocurrencies are transformed into dynamic assets within AI-driven trading pools. These pools strategically operate within CFD markets, leveraging their substantial market size and liquidity. Our objective is to generate a consistent passive income stream for our users, elevating their investment experience.

Our commitment to the crypto community is further manifested through the launch of our utility token, AlphaNova (ANVA). The ANVA token serves a dual purpose: providing Alphanauts with substantial discounts on performance fees and integrating a sophisticated tokenomics framework. This initiative marks AlphaNova as a pioneering force in creating a functional, profitable bridge between traditional and digital finance. With a product that has been meticulously developed and refined over five years, and our solid footing in the AI narrative, we are poised for unprecedented growth and innovation.


Revenue Generation from LiquidAlpha AI CFD Trading Strategies



At AlphaNova, we are dedicated to more than just creating a sustainable token ecosystem; we are committed to implementing innovative revenue-generation strategies. At the forefront of this vision is our advanced LiquidAlpha AI CFD trading strategies, which form the core of our financial model.

Revenue Mechanics

CFD Trading:

Our AI-driven CFD trading strategies are designed not just for performance optimization but also for substantial trading volume generation. This approach is a testament to our commitment to efficiency and technological advancement.


Revenue Per Lot:

Each lot traded through AlphaNova generates a revenue of $7. This significant revenue stream is a direct result of the sophisticated and efficient trading mechanisms employed by our AI systems. It underscores our ability to harness the power of cutting-edge technology for financial success.


Allocation of Generated Revenue

The revenue from these trading activities is vital for sustaining and enhancing the AlphaNova ecosystem:


Marketing Development Fund:

A dedicated portion of our revenue is allocated to the marketing development fund. This fund is strategically utilized for driving community engagement, promotional activities, and comprehensive marketing initiatives. These efforts are crucial for the growth and visibility of AlphaNova in the competitive crypto marketplace.


Burn Wallet:

A segment of our revenue is directed to the burn wallet. In this process, we periodically repurchase ANVA tokens from the open market and remove them from circulation, a practice known as 'burning'. This mechanism not only reduces the overall token supply but also contributes to the deflationary aspect of our tokenomics, potentially increasing the token's value.


Impact on AlphaNova Ecosystem


Sustainable Revenue Model:

Our strategy ensures a consistent and sustainable revenue source, which is independent of the fluctuating dynamics of token trading activities.


Strengthening Token Value:

Through strategic reinvestments in marketing and the reduction of token supply, we aim to enhance both the demand for and the value of ANVA tokens.


Long-Term Growth:

The reinvestment of trading revenues into key project areas underpins our vision for the long-term growth and stability of the AlphaNova ecosystem.



The integration of LiquidAlpha AI CFD trading strategies into our revenue model is a clear indication of our commitment to innovation and sustainability. By effectively utilizing these revenues, we are well-positioned to continuously develop, promote, and enhance the value of the AlphaNova ecosystem for our community and stakeholders.

LiquidAlpha Yield Generation Strategies for Bitcoin and Ethereum


LiquidAlpha represents a groundbreaking fusion of traditional financial strategies and the cryptocurrency domain, introducing a novel approach to yield generation for Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). In collaboration with VantageMarkets, we are set to offer an innovative solution that symbolizes our dedication to low-risk, long-term growth.


LiquidAlpha's Yield Strategy


Low-Risk Focus:

Our strategy emphasizes steady, sustainable growth, favoring long-term stability over high-risk, high-return ventures.


Valuing Cryptocurrencies:

We advocate for the preservation and appreciation of cryptocurrencies, endorsing long-term holding strategies as a means to value and grow digital assets.


Consistent Monthly Yields:

Our target is to achieve a steady monthly yield of 3-5%, realized through a blend of six varied and carefully curated trading strategies.


Diverse Trading Strategies and Assets


Multi-Strategy Approach:

We employ a range of trading strategies, each meticulously crafted to mitigate risk and capitalize on market opportunities. This diverse approach ensures robustness and adaptability in our trading operations.


Trading in Global Assets:

Our asset portfolio is comprehensive, involving major real-world assets such as XAUUSD, EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDNZD, GBPCHF, and AUDJPY. This diversification not only spreads risk but also allows us to tap into a variety of market dynamics.


Advancing with AI:

We utilize advanced AI technologies, comparable to those developed by industry leaders like OpenAI, ensuring the continuous refinement and evolution of our trading strategies. This ongoing advancement keeps us at the forefront of financial technology.


Innovative and Forward-Thinking


AI-Powered Analysis:

Our trading operations are bolstered by AI analytics, rivaling sophisticated systems like BlackRock's Aladin. This level of analysis brings elite, data-driven decision-making to our trading operations.


Liquidity from Liquid Markets:

Our unique position allows us to derive profits directly in BTC or ETH from some of the world's most liquid markets. This capability is not only a testament to our strategic positioning but also a significant advantage in terms of asset liquidity.


Exploring Web3 and DEX Integration:

We are actively exploring the application of our proven algorithms in the decentralized market space, keeping pace with the evolving landscape of Web3 and DEX platforms.


Democratizing Financial Strategies


Opening Institutional Doors:

Our mission transcends providing access to complex, institution-level trading systems for individual investors. We are democratizing the world of high-level finance, making these sophisticated strategies accessible to a wider audience.


Vision for Inclusive Finance:

We strive to create an ecosystem that empowers retail investors with access to strategies and opportunities that were traditionally the domain of market makers and large financial institutions.


Partnership and Immediate Goals


Collaboration with VantageMarkets:

Our strategic partnership with VantageMarkets, a globally recognized broker and sponsor of the McLaren F1 team, not only lends credibility but also broadens our operational scope. This collaboration is a key step in our journey towards revolutionizing the crypto product landscape.


Future in Crypto Products:

As the crypto landscape continues to mature, we are poised to extend our strategies to a diverse range of crypto products and assets, particularly in anticipation of ETF launches.


LiquidAlpha stands at the crossroads of traditional finance and cryptocurrency, offering unmatched opportunities for BTC and ETH yield generation. This pioneering initiative, combined with our strategic partnership with VantageMarkets, heralds a new era of intelligent, sustainable asset growth strategies in the crypto space.



AlphaNova (ANVA) Tokenomics



At AlphaNova, we are dedicated to establishing a token ecosystem that is not only sustainable but also robust and responsive to market dynamics. This document details the key components of our tokenomics, designed to balance growth, stability, and long-term viability for the ANVA token.


Total Token Supply

● Total Supply: 1 Billion ANVA tokens, a strategic number chosen to balance scarcity with accessibility.

Token Distribution

●  Team Allocation: 10% (100 Million Tokens) with a 3-year vesting period, ensuring long-term alignment of the core team's interests with the project's success.

●  Advisors & Influencer Allocation: 10% (100 Million Tokens) with a 12-month vesting plan, rewarding the invaluable strategic guidance and expertise provided by our advisors.

●  CEX Listing, Future Development & Web3 Integration Fund: 10% (100 Million

Tokens) with a 12-month vesting plan, earmarked for strategic investments in exchange listings, future development, and cutting-edge Web3 technology integrations.

● Liquidity Pool: 70% (700 Million Tokens), primed for the Uniswap liquidity pool at launch, to catalyze trading activities and bolster confidence among early investors.


NovaVolcano Protocol (Yield Distribution):

● Purpose: Aimed at distributing rewards to token holders, the NovaVolcano Protocol is designed to incentivize long-term holding and active community engagement. We will allocate 50% of the revenue from trading volume on Vantagemarkets to repurchase ANVA tokens, fueling this innovative protocol.


Initial Market Cap and Liquidity

●  Initial Market Cap: $35,000, an entry point that offers significant growth potential.

●  Initial Liquidity Ratio: Set at 1:1.5, this ratio balances the need for adequate

liquidity to facilitate trading with the initial cash requirement, aimed at curbing

price volatility and enhancing investor confidence.

●  Initial Liquidity: 10 ETH, strategically chosen to provide a stable foundation for

initial trading activities.


Token Pricing

● Initial Token Price: Approximately $0.00003261 per token, a price point calculated by dividing the initial liquidity by the number of tokens in the liquidity pool, offering an attractive entry point for investors with a vision for high growth potential.


Economic Strategy

●  Growth and Stability: The distribution and liquidity strategy are meticulously designed to foster market growth while ensuring price stability.

●  Long-Term Incentives: The NovaVolcano Protocol and the vesting schedules for the team and advisors are intentionally structured to synchronize with the long-term objectives of the project.

●  Community Focus: The entire tokenomics model is crafted to support and cultivate community growth, ensuring active participation and engagement within the AlphaNova ecosystem.

● Transparency: We are resolutely committed to maintaining transparency in all aspects of our tokenomics and will be open about any future adjustments.


Token Usage Fees and Burn Ratios (NovaInferno Protocol)

●  Initial Stage: A fee of 5%, with 50% of this fee earmarked for burning, is designed to balance token supply and demand, and to fund ongoing marketing and community engagement initiatives.

●  Market Cap Milestones: The fee structure and burn ratios are dynamically adjusted at different market cap milestones, reducing to 0.1% with no burns at a 1B market cap.

●  The unburned portion of the fee is converted to ETH and directed to the marketing wallet, a strategic reserve for community growth, marketing initiatives, and the continuous development of the AlphaNova ecosystem.



AlphaNova's tokenomics are strategically engineered to foster a balanced and thriving ecosystem for the ANVA token, with a keen focus on community engagement, sustainable growth, and long-term viability.



Complete NovaVolcanoProtocol Development Manual for AlphaNova (ANVA)



●  Protocol Name: NovaVulcanoProtocol.

●  Token: AlphaNova (ANVA).

●  Total Supply: 1 billion ANVA tokens.

●  Initial Yield Rate: 20% annually, with adjustments based on market cap milestones and a halving mechanism every 6 months.

●  Holding Time Multiplier: Rewards long-term holders with increasing yields based on the duration of holding.

●  Burn Mechanism Integration: Aligns yield distribution with token burn rates, enhancing the token’s scarcity and value over time.


Mechanics and Calculations

●  Initial Setup : 50% of the revenue from trading on Vantagemarkets is allocated monthly into ANVA tokens for  NovaVolcanoProtocol.

●  Yield Distribution : Yields are distributed monthly, calculated as the Annual Yield Rate divided by 12, multiplied by the number of tokens in the contract.

●  Halving Mechanism : Every 6 months, the yield rate is halved, aligning with the overall token economy’s growth and sustainability.

●  Holding Time Multiplier : Increases the yield by 1% for each month the tokens are held, capped at a maximum to reward and incentivize long-term holding.

●  Market Cap-Based Yield Adjustment : Yield rates are adjusted in response to market cap milestones, ensuring responsiveness to market conditions.

●  Burn Mechanism Integration : Adjusts the number of ANVA tokens in the contract in accordance with the tokens burned, maintaining the ecosystem’s health and value.


Holding Time Multiplier Mechanics

●  Base Yield Rate (BYR): The initial yield rate applicable to all token holders.

●  Holding Time Multiplier (HTM): An additional yield percentage applied based on the duration of token holding, with a Maximum Multiplier Cap (MMC) to ensure balance.

●  Formula: Adjusted Yield Rate (AYR) = BYR × (1 + (Monthly Increment (MI) × Holding Period (HP))), capped at MMC.

●  Monthly Increment (MI): A 1% increase in yield for each additional month held, rewarding long-term investment.

●  Holding Period (HP): The total number of months a holder has retained their ANVA tokens.


Example Yield Calculations

● Scenario 1: A holder with 1,000 ANVA for 10 months would see an adjusted annual yield rate of 22%, reflecting their commitment to holding the token.

● Scenario 2: A holder with ANVA for 30 months, exceeding the cap, would have their yield rate capped at 30%, the maximum under the MMC, demonstrating the protocol’s balance between rewarding loyalty and maintaining ecosystem stability.



Our Wallets for Transparency










Burn from AI trading Volume








Team Wallet




Advisor Wallet



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